About Us

The Nevada Hispanic Business Group is a IRS exempt (501 C-3) that was started In January of 2015 by  Laura Nowlan, Orlando Gallegos and Joe Hernandez with a vision of creating a formidable and dynamic organization bringing a fresh perspective to both the Hispanic and non-Hispanic business community. Our approach has been to provide value and a return on investment for those who are seeking an organization that focuses on helping with business training, development and growth through relationship building and partnerships.


Looking towards the future, we see success in the opportunities presented by working with our sponsors. We're excited about what we're doing and continue to seek out the relationships that we know are the cornerstone of prosperity. We hope that, as you get to know our organization and our team members, you'll see that we can provide you exactly what you need.


Thank you for getting to know us and our organization. We look forward to getting to know you and serve you as our valued member.

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