We, the Founders of NVHBG, are pleased to invite you to the Installation Service for our New Executive Board Members. It would be an honor if you could join on this day and we look forward to celebrating this special occasion as a community accompanied by YOU!


September 13, 2017

Nevada Hispanic Business Group.

Entrepreneurship. What is it?

Some people think owning a business makes one an entrepreneur. Some think owning a successful business makes one an entrepreneur. So can you be an entrepreneur with no business? Sure! Can you be an employee wi...

September 5, 2017

FORMULA has 9 parts or tools that gets introduced to Small Business Owners through the span of a year. In between seminars coaches will be available to help mentor the participants. The first seminar will cover 3 out of the 9 tools you need to become an success.

July 22, 2017

Many Hispanic Business owners are not aware of the importance of having someone who represents our business and political concerns directly to our national elected representatives. Javier Palomarez is the President and CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Comme...

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